Our high-tech and easy-to-use Selfie Station is perfect for events on a budget, it is our most compact booth available. This is great for events when prints aren’t needed. Guests can share their experience digitally (Photo, Gif, Boomerang) boosting social engagement.


Guests can share their photos via text, email, AirDrop and QR Code.


Guests can take pictures at the Selfie Station through the entire event. No pauses in fun, and there's enough time for everyone to use the Selfie Station.


Photos are meant to be kept as memories. Images will be uploaded and a link will be sent after the event for our client to download at their convenience.


Various digital and physical props are available so guests can have fun while making memories.


Take your pick! Classic black and white or our uber flattering color filter. Both are sure to make your guests look their best!

Personalized Photo Template

You get to customize the photo template colors, design and text to match the theme of your event.

Digital photo booth

Digital Photo

Photos are ready to be shared instantly via text, email, AirDrop and QR Code.

Party Booth GIF


Combine multiple poses to generate a cool animated loop.


Fun little burst of photos which gets stitched together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward

Pick one of our pre-built packages or build your custom package to get started

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Featuring a stunning edge LED design, our Signature Photo Booth undeniably distinguishes itself at any occasion. 

With an incredible “WOW” factor and breathtaking led and mirror design, our Signature Mirror Booth truly stands out in every event. 

Capture the essence of your event in 360 videos. It’s perfect for clients who wants their guests to have fun and make a social media buzz about their event.