Black & White Glam

Our Black & White Glam feature is a specifically designed artificial intelligence filter technology (similar to Snapchat and Instagram) to smooth out less desirable skin features so that you and your guests look your absolute best. 


Glam Booth photos are generally black and white. This helps to highlight your best features while also masking the ones you might not be too eager to show off.


We use high resolution DSLR camera, studio-grade flash and beauty dish (light diffuser) to get you those perfect glam shots.


4×6″ prints are included with the Glam Booth add-on.


See before-after comparison here.


$100/ event

Guest book

A photo booth guest book is a blank album, usually used in wedding setting, that can be placed on a table near the photo booth so that once guests take their picture in the photo booth, a printed copy of that picture can be pasted into the guest book. Every guest gets the opportunity to write a sweet or encouraging message or even leave a fun little doodle for the bride and groom.


Providing a photo guest book at your photo booth station will allow those memories made to last forever and give you something to giggle and smile for years to come.


$150/ event

4x6 Print Upgrade

large print layout for photo booth

Elevate your memories with larger prints that showcase every detail of your captured moments. With this upgrade, enjoy a wider range of layout options, giving you the freedom to customize your prints like never before. Plus, there’s ample space for logos and personalized text, ensuring that every print reflects your unique style and event theme.


$100/ Event

Custom Sign Props

photo booth custom props

Our custom sign props allow you to bring your vision to life. Our team of talented designers will collaborate with you to create customized signs that reflect your theme, style, and personality. From clever hashtags to quirky quotes, company logos to personalized messages, we turn your ideas into eye-catching, Instagram-worthy props.


Starts at $85


Showcase your brand, sponsors, or event logo with a professionally designed and printed backdrop. Our 8’x 8′ backdrops are designed exclusively for you and tailored to match your style and event theme.


Our custom backdrops are crafted using top-quality materials and printing techniques, resulting in vibrant colors, sharp details, and stunning visual impact. From concept to creation, we work closely with you to ensure the design aligns with your vision and event requirements.


Starts at $300

Live Slideshow

Elevate the excitement and engagement at your event with our cutting-edge live projection add-on. This unique feature takes your photo booth experience to the next level by instantly sharing the captured moments on a large screen or venue projector, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle for everyone to enjoy.


$250/ event


multiple photo booth print templates

Our Multi Layout add-On, designed to elevate your photo booth experience and offer you unprecedented creative control!


Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach! Our add-on lets you craft the perfect photo booth experience by combining multiple print layouts, designs and print sizes such as classic photo strips or 4×6 prints.


Must add the 4×6″ Print Upgrade add-on to include 4×6″ layouts.


$35 / additional template

Custom Branding

Showcase your brand, product, or services using our branded photo booth. Available for our Signature Print Booth and Digital Booth, custom branding is perfect for marketing, product launches, and exhibitions. Use a branded photo booth to increase your brand exposure.


We’ll also customize the photo booth welcome screen and print design to showcase your brand.


Starts at $500


Take your event up a notch and give your guests the “V.I.P” treatment by allowing them to walk down on the red carpet. 


Stanchions are a great way to control traffic by the photo booth keeping your event more organized.


$250/ event

Green Screen

Our virtual green screen technology allows us to bring your event to a whole new level. We can place your guests in front of any background and in any virtual environment you can dream of. This service is a great way to directly integrate your theme. 


$150/ event